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Featuring Grandmaster Jim Mitchell and Senior Professor Phil Retana, this incredible seminar was held in Camdenton, MO on May 17th, 2013.

The seminar begins with Mr. Mitchell breaking down the brown belt basics as a means of demonstrating advanced Kenpo concepts and principles.

He and Mr. Retana continue to dig deep into the sophistication of Kenpo by teaching self-defense techniques, and sparring drills. They also cover Finger Set 1, and Long Form 3!

Mr. Mitchell's unique perspective of the art, coupled with his use of humor, anecdotes, and analogies to impart Kenpo knowledge makes the event a highly memorable experience.

Whether you are a beginner, or a Kenpo Black Belt, all can gain insight and valuable knowledge to add to their Kenpo repertoire! This one is a must-have for the Kenpo enthusiast.

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Part 1: Basics (43 minutes)

Part 2: Self-Defense Techniques (54 minutes)

Part 3: Sparring Techniques (26 minutes)

Part 4: Finger Set 1 & Long Form 3 (13 minutes)

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