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1 Digital Download of Mr. Retana performing the Retana Kenpo Karate System 2020 versions of the Master Set, comprised of the following 11 sets:

Blocking Set: (running time: 20 seconds)

Stance Set: (running time: 29 seconds)

Punching Set: (running time: 12 seconds)

Foot Maneuver Set: (running time: 24 seconds)

Elbow Set: (running time: 15 seconds)

Sparring Set: (running time: 17 seconds)

Striking Set: (running time: 13 seconds)

Kicking Set: (running time: 50 seconds)

Parry Set: (running time: 25 seconds)

Finger Set: (running time: 34 seconds)

Posture Set: (running time: 51 seconds)

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