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Digital downloads are organized into 3 High Definition video uploads.

List of downloads included with purchase:

1. Technique Lessons (Video) - Instruction on Self-Defense Techniques, demonstrates multiple angles of the technique, application done slowly, and at speed. (running time: 43 minutes 44 seconds)

2. Basic Fundamentals (Video) - Demonstrations of the Basic Fundamentals. These are the buildings blocks of the Art! (running time: 9 minutes 48 seconds)

3. Sets (Video) - Demonstration of the Sets. Sets are exercises to develop your basics. (running time: 3 minutes 27 seconds)

4. Digital Syllabus (PDF) - List of Blue Belt Requirements.

5. Digital Manual (PDF) - Quick Reference Manual for Techniques and Sets.

Mr. Retana is a protégé of the late Grandmaster Jim Mitchell and uses his wealth of knowledge to introduce a streamlined version of Kenpo unlike any other. Following in the spirit of his predecessors, he aims to continue to push the system forward with needed improvements, and unique innovations. Among these innovations, a sequence of "Sets" designed to stack together for efficient practice, Technique partnering and clustering to improve memory, a complete overhaul of the Forms to eliminate redundancy, and tweaks to the applications to improve checking and function. All while preserving the key concepts and principles of the art that make Kenpo so familiar and popular!

Whether you are a beginner or a Kenpo Black Belt, you will definitely want to see Mr. Retana's unique vision of the infinite art.

View video samples to learn more:

NOTE: The digital downloads series does not include videos of: Technique Quick Review, Sparring Gambits, or Mirror Image Practice Mode. These options along with the Menu System that control navigation and the Audio Options are only available in the physical DVD format.

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Video files are in MP4 format, HD quality. All documents are in PDF format.

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