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Introducing Phil Retana's Updated Kenpo System (2024)!

Unlock the essence of Kenpo through its foundational basics, self-defense techniques, and beyond!

Each rank is accompanied by a belt requirement list and a quick reference manual, perfect for your evolving Kenpo journal.

Join Mr. Retana, a seasoned stylist mentored by Grandmaster Jim Mitchell for over 30 years, as he presents an evolved and innovative version of Kenpo.

His groundbreaking approach includes:

  • Streamlined Sets: Concise sequences designed for efficient practice and better retention of fundamental skills.
  • Technique Partnering and Simplified Naming: Enhancing memory through logical naming structures.
  • Sharper Emphasis on Practical Self-Defense: Minimized fluff, maximized effectiveness with techniques that deliver real results!
  • Over 40 Exclusive Techniques: Unique methods you won't find anywhere else!

Retaining the cherished core principles of Kenpo, this system caters to beginners and advanced Black Belts alike. Immerse yourself in Mr. Retana's exceptional interpretation of this timeless martial art!

Digital downloads are organized into 4 High Definition video uploads.

List of downloads included with purchase:

1. Technique Lessons (Video) - Instruction on Self-Defense Techniques, demonstrates multiple angles of the technique, application done slowly, and at speed. (running time: 43 minutes 11 seconds)

2. Basic Fundamentals (Video) - Demonstrations of the Basic Fundamentals. These are the buildings blocks of the Art! (running time: 3 minutes 42 seconds)

3. Sets (Video) - Demonstration of the Sets and Form. Sets are exercises to develop your basics, and each Form (or "Kata" as traditionally called) is a formal exercise with a major theme, designed to catalog and improve the skill contained within. (running time: 5 minutes 11 seconds)

4. Technique Review (Video) - A quick review of each technique's application. Designed to refresh the memory quickly and for test preparation! (running time: 7 minutes 27 seconds)

5. Digital Syllabus (PDF) - List of 1st Class Brown Belt Requirements.

6. Digital Manual (PDF) - Quick Reference Manual for Techniques and Sets.

View video samples to learn more:

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